Break Out of the Attractive Mold


In the ancient days, a woman was considered beautiful if she had a healthy body and was a good wife and mother. However, as time went on, the standards of beauty changed. Today, we know that being attractive is a combination of physical features and the overall look.

While there are different facets to beauty, the basic definition of beauty is a combination of qualities that give pleasure, satisfaction and meaning. It can be the result of visual entities, creativity, or character traits.

Beauty is an awe-inspiring experience. It involves mystery and sometimes vulnerability. This is especially true of creative works. The world opens its arms to people with different personalities and drives. Those with confidence and humility are likely to be able to break out of the attractive mold and be more successful.

The idea of beauty is an innate trait in humans. All humans have the capacity to be beautiful and appreciate the wonder of nature. Nevertheless, the standard of beauty has changed across history and around the globe.

According to Neelam Vashi, associate professor of dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine, beauty is a product of the human body. Although the standards of beauty are constantly changing, the waist-to-hip ratio has remained relatively constant. Among the factors determining whether someone is beautiful are symmetry and asymmetry. Asymmetry is often more visually commanding.

Another key component to beauty is color. People enjoy being around color. There is a natural attraction to blue and green. Black and white photographs can’t convey the same sense of beauty.

For Western female beauty, the critical body features are large butts and slim waists. Breasts and lips are also important. Other features include skin homogeneity, facial averageness and symmetry.

Moreover, it is important to have a clean and clear image. A person who is not well-groomed and does not smile often may be less attractive. To overcome this problem, dress and groom yourself well. Smile at your colleagues and use good posture. Be confident in yourself, but don’t allow yourself to be criticized.

When looking in the mirror, try to wipe away the judgments you have about yourself. Wipe away any expectations, accusations, or comparisons. Instead, focus on your inner beauty. You may be surprised to find that it breaks the attractive mold. Your inner beauty can be a source of strength and courage.

While there is a broad definition of beauty, there is no one set of rules or criteria to follow. Some individuals are considered more beautiful than others, and each person has different attraction magnets.

Ultimately, the only way to be truly beautiful is to have faith in a loving God. Having faith in God means that the beauty you possess is timeless. Regardless of your age, race, gender or social status, your potential to be beautiful is still present. As long as you accept yourself for who you are and appreciate the inherent beauty of your soul, you are on the path to becoming beautiful.