Trendy Holiday Gifts and Presents for Fashion-Foward People


The holidays are a great time to buy new clothing for yourself or for loved ones. Not only are there plenty of gifts for fashion-forward people, but you can also make some personal gestures with your gift. Here are a few ideas for what to purchase.

If your fashion-forward friend or loved one is a runner, then consider getting him or her a pair of Allbirds trail runners. These high-quality footwear are available in natural color, natural color with a bow, and black pebbled. They also feature a quilted footbed for extra comfort.

You could also get them an Allbirds pair of knee-high boots, which come in three colors. These stylish pieces will keep you warm even on the coldest winter day.

A good choice for a sporty guy would be an Everlane mock-neck sweater, which is a soft blend of recycled wool and Italian yarn. The ruched bodice of the top makes it a versatile piece. Also, the mock-neck is machine-washable, so you can be sure your sporty pal will love it.

Fashion-forward girls will appreciate the latest trends in jewelry. This year, pearl jewelry has been all the rage. Wearable pieces like this can be layered or worn as a single statement earring. In addition to pearls, earrings with gold-tone metal are another popular choice. And, if your friend is into a particular brand of cosmetics, then you could choose a makeup bag.

The holidays are also a great time to buy new lunch boxes and sunglasses for the kids. Kids will love getting new items that they can use in their schoolwork, at home, or out to play. Getting the kids clothes that match their personalities will let them express their individuality without compromising their style.

There are also some great items for the athletically-inclined, like the lululemon leggings, which are designed to be used during workouts. These leggings are made from the fastest-drying material, making them ideal for athletes. Similarly, the Birdies ballet flats feature a quilted footbed and bow detail.

Whether your fashion-forward friend is a man or a woman, the holidays are a great time to give him or her a unique gift. Some of these ideas include a framed vintage fashion print. Or, you can buy a piece of jewelry that your loved one will wear all the time.

A fun alternative to the classic holiday sweater is a puffy heart cardigan. It is lightweight, a comfortable fit, and a perfect way to dress up an outfit on a cold day. Another great accessory for the rainy season is a brolly. A cashmere or wool blend brolly can be paired with your favorite slouch pants or cozy sweatpants for an easy-to-wear look.

Clothing is an easy, fun, and useful way to show your love. Even though your favorite person might not need any new clothing, it is still a thoughtful way to show him or her how much you care. Whether it’s the simple white sneakers or the ultra-fashionable Patagonia pullover, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your fashion-forward loved one this holiday season.